Evil Shine Polish and Sealant
Evil Shine Polish and Sealant
Evil Shine Polish and Sealant
Evil Shine Polish and Sealant
Evil Shine Polish and Sealant

Evil Shine Polish and Sealant

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Evil Shine's® Polish and Sealant is made from Concours Pro Grade Polymers that produce a deep gloss shine while providing a durable and long lasting sealant barrier against damaging UV rays.  Its hydrophobic properties offer excellent protection while beading water relentlessly. It's super easy to apply with a spray on and wipe of advanced polymer formula that meets the stringent demands of professional and concours detailers.

Nothing Shines Better
All the shine that you can handle - Evil Shine® delivers a stunning, wet gloss look that makes your paint stand out with depth, color and clarity for a show winning shine.

a super deep shine produces remarkable depth and clarity

Nothing Protects Better
Evil Shine® helps to repel harsh UV solar rays, water spots, stains, salt, road grime, insect remains and bird droppings. Enriched elements keeps tires and plastic hydrated from aging, drying and fading leaving them soft and supple with a deep stain finish.  Apply over vinyl stripes to seal and help protect against water spotting, staining and fallout.

nothing protects your vinyl stripes and graphics better

Nothing Beads Better
Evil Shine produces an extreme hydrophobic, non-stick barrier that beads water relentlessly.

serious beading action represents serious protection

Nothing Lasts Longer
Replaces traditional carnauba and liquid waxes for a full season of protection.

Use on paint, clear coats, ceramic coats, chrome, glass, metal, rubber, plastic moldings, tires, wheels, vinyl stripes and trim.  Does not contain any petroleum distillates or abrasive powders, it's VOC compliant and Eco Friendly.

Before you use Evil Shine's® Polish and Sealant, prep your finish with our True Waterless Wash/Polish.  Learn more here.


Shake well before using!  Make sure the vehicle is cool, dry and clean.  Avoid using in direct sun.  Working from the top down, spray a light mist on a 24" x 24" area at a time, spreading product evenly with a clean, dry microfiber towel.  Flip or use a new towel and wipe off until all residue in gone.

Use Evil Shine® True Waterless Wash to maintain maximum gloss, slickness, protection and hydrophobic properties.

Money Back Guarantee
We'd rather have you come back rather than the product, however if you're not happy with our True Coat Polish and Sealant, contact us here for return instructions.  Note that shipping to and from is not covered.

Quantity: 16 fluid ounces (fl. oz) / milliliters (mL)
Color: Gold
Scent: Bubble Gum

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